I have a dog named Mayzie.

She is a Valley Bulldog (cross between bulldog and boxer) and she isn’t really the smartest crayon in the box… but she is a sweetie! She makes the cutest noises, and even when she is eating my shoe it is hilarious because she is having such a good time.

Mayzie is actually my fiance’s mother’s dog, but if I ever leave she is so coming with me, even if I have to kidnap her. (Or dognap?)

She is almost two years old, and weighs about fifty pounds. She still very much thinks that she is a puppy though, and will constantly jump into your lap and try to eat your face. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to study when she is out and about, or even leave the room. She eats everything, which includes the walls, couch, floor…. Her favorite is stuffed animals.

I love mah puppy.

She is obviously the boss.


About Pre-M.D.

I'm just a really big nerd with a really big mouth and a love for medicine.
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