How do/did you study in college? (Helpful study sites and aids included!)

I have been studying anatomy and physiology for hours upon hours every day, then one day I might do biology for a few hours, and make loads of flashcards that I don’t ever use… Does anyone have any suggestions for study methods/timing/anything? I think I could be much more effective, but I just can’t figure out a way to memorize AND understand everything without being overly thorough. 

Any websites? Class methods? Anything is great!!

These are some of the sites I use for A&P and Biology: 
Quizlet: This is a really cool flashcard site I use for sciences and foreign language. It has a speaking application and picture insertion option too. You can make your own card sets or use others, there are sooo many available.
Hole’s Anatomy and Physiology: This is the website for my textbook for A&P. Even if you don’t have the book, there are a ton of self tests, videos, puzzles, vocabulary links… Everything is grouped by chapter, which you can figure out easily by looking at the drop down menu.
InnerBody: I like this site because it includes the body systems and loads of pictures and explanations, and it makes learning anatomy just a bit easier in general.

Language Learning Sites:

SharedTalk: This is amazing. It is small enough so that you can interact with people without loads of distraction, but big enough so that you don’t get stuck with the same people/things. On SharedTalk you can connect with people learning your language or natives, there are normally 200-400 people connected in the live text chat, and maybe half of that in the voice room. You can send emails too, great for finding e-pals and others that are serious about language!
AnglaisFacile: This is for French, but it’s derived websites include German, English, and Chinese. (It is a email like penpal site as well, you won’t find any spam here.)
Word Reference: Awesome and very accurate online dictionary, a large variety of languages. It also includes a discussion forum and multiple terms and phrases. 


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4 Responses to How do/did you study in college? (Helpful study sites and aids included!)

  1. hubris105 says:

    Do you have access to a body? I always found anatomy incredibly difficult when just using text/pictures. Seeing it in situ was much more helpful.

    If you don’t have access to a body, the 2nd best, in my opinion is Acland’s Atlas. It’s a video series that actually shows you everything on a real dissected body. Very helpful.

    Other than that, I always find writing things out helps to solidify it in my head; dunno if that’ll help you, but might be worth a shot.

    • Pre-M.D. says:

      I don’t, unfortunately 😦
      I will definitely check out that site! I write all of my notes out, and I find highlighting in the book a big help. When I go through and really learn everything I remember it a lot better. In what time intervals did you study? Did you take breaks or anything in between?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I was all over the place with studying. I can’t sit still for too long. I found white boards and drawing very helpful. Draw the brachial plexus a few times and it’ll stick in your head.

    Also…breathe. I know it must seem like you have to study ALL THE TIME, but you’re gonna burn out if you try and do that for at least the next decade. Once you get the underpinning of the way the body works, it gets a wee bit easier. 🙂

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