Yesterday I had to make a choice between a banana or banana flavored ice cream.

I chose the ice cream.


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Student Doctor Network Fireside Chat 1

This is a video that was done to answer questions from members of the SDN forums. It has a lot of really helpful information about medical school and getting into medical school in general. It is about an hour and a half, which is fairly lengthy if you are like me and have no time, but I definitely recommend checking it out when you have time. It is a very informative video done recently by med students.

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Premedical, Medical Students, Residents… etc.

I love this site. I’ve been obsessed with it for a couple of months. It’s premedical forum is amazing. I do admit that it is a huge time suck full of super neurotic premeds, but it’s definitely worthwhile. A large population of students and physicians post on the forums, asking questions and giving advice (give or take the occasional rude comment). I absolutely recommend it as a place to meet other highly motivated premeds and medical students. 

Just remember that the majority of its members are more than slightly neurotic and have anxiety attacks over getting a B+, so take everything you read with several grains of salt.

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I had a dissection report due last Sunday night. As my luck would have it, this lil sausage arrived promptly Monday morning. I went ahead and wrote a report based on previous dissections and virtual work and still got an A, without including my required pictures or anything. I wonder how that works.

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The Fibula’s Connected to the… Tibius.

I feel insanely pissed off just writing the title of this blog entry. The other day, my fiance’s mother broke her ankle. Before she was able to see the orthopod, she told one of her friend’s kids about her injury.

Her: Yeah, I don’t know, I just know that I broke it in two places.
Friend’s Kid (FK): My mom did that once, she had a tibius breakage.
Her: I don’t understand all of these medical terms, lol.
FK: Yeah I love medical terms…the tibius is next to the tibial artery as a bone in the foot (or something, I don’t remember exactly what else he said)
Her: Oh okay.

There is no tibius bone! Gahhhh he is so goddamn stupid I wanted to punch him in the face. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a student or just weird but it bothers me when people say things like tibius. Especially since he was so arrogant about it and so sure…

But yeah, I will post her x-ray pictures soon. You can try to guess what the diagnosis was. (If you have training in evaluating x-rays, don’t guess!)


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I have a dog named Mayzie.

She is a Valley Bulldog (cross between bulldog and boxer) and she isn’t really the smartest crayon in the box… but she is a sweetie! She makes the cutest noises, and even when she is eating my shoe it is hilarious because she is having such a good time.

Mayzie is actually my fiance’s mother’s dog, but if I ever leave she is so coming with me, even if I have to kidnap her. (Or dognap?)

She is almost two years old, and weighs about fifty pounds. She still very much thinks that she is a puppy though, and will constantly jump into your lap and try to eat your face. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to study when she is out and about, or even leave the room. She eats everything, which includes the walls, couch, floor…. Her favorite is stuffed animals.

I love mah puppy.

She is obviously the boss.

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How do/did you study in college? (Helpful study sites and aids included!)

I have been studying anatomy and physiology for hours upon hours every day, then one day I might do biology for a few hours, and make loads of flashcards that I don’t ever use… Does anyone have any suggestions for study methods/timing/anything? I think I could be much more effective, but I just can’t figure out a way to memorize AND understand everything without being overly thorough. 

Any websites? Class methods? Anything is great!!

These are some of the sites I use for A&P and Biology: 
Quizlet: This is a really cool flashcard site I use for sciences and foreign language. It has a speaking application and picture insertion option too. You can make your own card sets or use others, there are sooo many available.
Hole’s Anatomy and Physiology: This is the website for my textbook for A&P. Even if you don’t have the book, there are a ton of self tests, videos, puzzles, vocabulary links… Everything is grouped by chapter, which you can figure out easily by looking at the drop down menu.
InnerBody: I like this site because it includes the body systems and loads of pictures and explanations, and it makes learning anatomy just a bit easier in general.

Language Learning Sites:

SharedTalk: This is amazing. It is small enough so that you can interact with people without loads of distraction, but big enough so that you don’t get stuck with the same people/things. On SharedTalk you can connect with people learning your language or natives, there are normally 200-400 people connected in the live text chat, and maybe half of that in the voice room. You can send emails too, great for finding e-pals and others that are serious about language!
AnglaisFacile: This is for French, but it’s derived websites include German, English, and Chinese. (It is a email like penpal site as well, you won’t find any spam here.)
Word Reference: Awesome and very accurate online dictionary, a large variety of languages. It also includes a discussion forum and multiple terms and phrases. 

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